2014 News

December 2014 ~ Minerva Loge were lucky enough to have another joining member complete his move over to our lodge this month. W.Bro Roger Kilshaw joined from Marlborough Lodge to be with his brothers and friends already in Minerva.

This month Minerva Lodge were also honoured to host one of the most highly regarded Masonic Authors in the Country today Doctor David Harrison, who attended our regular meeting and give us a lecture on the Liverpool Masonic Rebellion and the Grand Lodge of Wigan. The evening was a wonderful success and the Lodge sat riveted to Dr Harrison’s every word during his fascinating talk. His book on the same subject can be found on Amazon. We look forward to having David back again soon for another visit.

 Liverpool Rebellion book

 November 2014 ~ There were many mixed emotions this month at the lodge, with the sadness of our friends at Marlborough Lodge having to hand in the warrant of that very old and well respected lodge. On the other hand it opens a new door and new challenges for four of the brethren who come to Minerva as joining members. The Worshipful Master welcomed them with open arms and was delighted to see the ranks of our lodge swell to a very respectable size once more. In another episode of a busy year for our Master Martin Farmer, he had the task of performing a second degree ceremony for Bro Joel Martin. Everybody once again performed a superb rendition of the ceremony and the evening was a massive success.

October 2014 ~ This evening we were honoured by the visiting of Minerva by members of our Mother Lodge Neptune. Three brethren came to see our new member Brother Steve Purcell join Minerva from Neptune Lodge. They also did Steve the great honour of having their Grand Lodge Officer Bob Hall present and explain the Grand Lodge Certificates to both Steve and Stuart Ellis. The evening was a great success despite quite a few Brethren not attending.

August 2014 ~ It is with much sadness that we mark the passing of our dearly beloved, W.Bro Alan Sharp. W.Bro Alan was a wonderful Mason, he worked diligently as the Lodge Treasurer for over twenty years, only retiring from the post some five years ago. The mark of the man was when his wife Jean fell ill and he was unnable to attend the lodge due to his diligence in caring for her. Alan was a mason for nearly 60 years. He celebrated his fiftieth year in Masonry among his friends in the lodge and was awarded the high rank of Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden. A true Mason, a family man and good friend who will be sorely missed.

bill blanks 50th 4

W.Bro Alan Sharp P.Pr.JGW

July 2014 ~ The Lodges (now) annual 10 pin bowling night was held for the second year running. Due to the success of last years bowls night the lodge decided to brave the elements once again and enjoy our social side of Masonry. The evening was another very enjoyable and well supported one with us needing three lanes this time. The Southport Bowls facility was excellent and the hot buffet they provided was excellent for the price. Once again there were a few ringers amongst the participants but fun was had by all.

 bowling2Just two of the three lanes we occupied on the night.

Joel Bowling 2014

Brother Joel Martin, showing us all how it is done.

 April 2014 ~ Many people think that the third degree is the last step on their masonic journey of learning, however there is a whole new world of information that awaits them after this very special evening. Stuart Ellis and Philip McBride, who have both been an exemplary initiate and fellow craft freemason were raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason at our April meeting, the last of our masonic year. The Brethren as always did a superb job of relaying this very challenging and intricate piece of ritual. Many assume that the third degree is difficult for the candidate, however those who have been a part of the ceremony as the givers, will know exactly who has the most challenges.

Our Worshipful Master once again did the lodge proud by taking the job on alone. Abley assisted by his Wardens and Deacons, the Ceremony was done with the usual clinical manner associated with Minerva Lodge.

 third degree for stuart and phil 2014Left Stuart Ellis – Centre Martin Farmer – Right Phil McBride

We now break for the summer recess, we wish our absent brethren speedy recoveries from Illness, success in their professional vocations and a safe return for those in foreign fields.

March 2014 ~

March the 11th 2014 was a great night for Minerva, not only did we bring in a new member to our lodge but we were able to showcase our excellent ritual to a number of guests, the main guest being The Assistant Provincial Grand Master W.Bro Mark Dimelow. The evening began with the initiation of Bro Joel Martin into the lodge, and his ceremony was certainly one to remember. The effort put in by the brethren not just on the night but on the two rehearsals we had attended previously in preparation for the event, was nothing short of spectacular. The new members serving their first full meeting in their new roles, did a marvellous job and under quite a considerable amount of pressure in the lodge room with 30 brethren in attendance and the APGM, it was no walk in the park. However, nerves were over come and talents shone through, to give us all a wonderful evening to remember.

W.Bro Ian Pye of Commercial Travellers Lodge gave a wonderful rendition of the Antient Charge in the lodge room and made the evening all the more especial for Joel as he gave him a written copy of that charge signed by the Worshipful Master at the Festive Board.

We were joined by guests from many different places, we had two brethren join us from Preston, we had one visitor from Neptune Lodge and four guests from Marlborough Lodge, who it was lovely to see and we thoroughly enjoyed their company as we did with all our guests.

A Massive thanks to all involved in the ceremony last night, the only negative is that we’ve set the bar so high we now have to match it or better it on the subsequent ceremonies. Congratulations to Joel and welcome to Minerva Lodge, we hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did and look forward to seeing you again next month.

Here are some images of the evening….

 Pic 02s

Bro Joel takes Wine with the WM, while the Assistant Provincial Grand Master Mark Dimelow looks on.

 Pic 04s

More wine takings.

  Pic 05sThe Chorley Raffle raised £84.00 for the Masonic Charities

 Pic 01s

 Our guests from Marlbrough Lodge enjoyed their meal from the Hope street hall.

 February 2014 ~

This month saw the biggest event on the Masonic calendar for any lodge, the Installation of a new Master…or in this case, an old one. W.Bro Martin Farmer took the chair of the lodge for a second time, succeeding W.Bro Don Chetwynd who had completed his two years in office, and what a two years they were! In the history books of Minerva two Masters will be synonymous with the reformation of our lodge as they presided over the busiest period of recruitment this lodge has seen in over twenty years. Those two Masters will be Martin Farmer and Don Chetwynd.

The Installation ceremony went superbly well, W.Bro Sam Robinson Group Chairman of the Liverpool Group of Lodges was the representative of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master and gave the address to the Brethren in flawless deliverance. W.Bro Chris Hughes gave the address the Almoner, W.Bro Dave Johnson gave the address to the Deacons, while W.Bro’s Lawrie Scott and Bob Prichard gave a superb performance as the Provincial Wardens for the evening.

Several new brethren took office for the first time including; Arnie Neale as Inner Guard and Almoner, David Luing as Senior Deacon and Assistant Secretary, and Matthew Timmins as Junior Deacon. We also saw the progression of some of our other members as Alan Ritchie took the post of Junior Warden in the Lodge and Gordon Farmer took the Director of Ceremonies role from W.Bro Trevor Jones who had been the Lodge DC for nearly ten years.

The working tools were flawlessly performed by Matthew Timmins (Third Degree Tools), Stuart Ellis (Second Degree Tools), Phil McBride (First Degree Tools).

The Lodge concluded its business by a presentation of cheques for the charities, which included two local hospices and two Masonic charities. With all offices filled and all officers invested, the lodge was closed and we moved onto the festive board where we enjoyed another fantastic meal by the Hall. After dinner speeches were full of praise for the lodge, and the performance of everyone involved. A Chorley Raffle was performed which raised over £130.00 for the charities.

The new Worshipful Master Martin Farmer laid out his plans for 2014/15 and charged everyone with the task of enjoying their Masonic year, advancing as Masons and good members of their communities and to help continue the prosperity of Minerva Lodge 4002 by bringing friends and family along to the social events we will run this year. Our new Worshipful Master would like to be kept busy in his year of office and we would hate to disappoint him.

Here are some images of the evening…

 Liverpool A Farmer rules Minerva again! Pic 1

W.Bro Sam Robinson Group Chairman of the Liverpool Group of Lodges

With New Worshipful Master – Martin Farmer

 Liverpool A Farmer rules Minerva again! Pic 2

 The changing of the guard. Don passes the Gavel over to Martin.

 Liverpool A Farmer rules Minerva again! Pic 5

The Provincial Team – W.Bro Sam Robinson, and W.Bro Dave Johnson, along with two acting Stewards W.Bro’s Ian Rooney and Gordon Farmer

 Liverpool A Farmer rules Minerva again! Pic 3

WM with his real life brother and father

January 2014 ~

Happy New year everyone, we at Minerva Lodge are preparing for some very important meetings over the next few months, but first of all we begin 2014 with a second degree ceremony and due to Bro Phil McBride being unable to attend the previous meeting we managed to segway him into the January meeting for his passing ceremony. Once again W.Bro Don Chetwynd did the ceremony to his high quality standards and impressed us all. Stellar work was also done on the night by W.Bro Martin Farmer, who subbed for several offices due to a high level of sickness and absence, some of the offices he filled in for were, the Director of Ceremonies, the Chaplain and the Immediate Past Master, an impressive feat no doubt. Bro Phil gave a great account of himself and really enjoyed the evening. We look forward to the final part of his Masonic trilogy soon.

Photo’s of the evening….

Phil and Don - wb small Bro Phil McBride (left) W.Bro Don Chetwynd (Right)