2015 News

January 2015 ~ Happy New Year one and all!

Minerva Lodge kicked the year off in style with a third degree ceremony, and what a ceremony it was. The candidate was excellent and he was raised in true Minerva style in a flawless ceremony which was solely conducted (and with panache) by the incumbent Master W.Bro Martin Farmer. A great display by the team at Minerva and this was a great way to bow out of our Masonic year as we prepare for the Installation of our new Master and his team. Special mentions go to Justin Lewis and Bob Farmer for their input in the ceremony also.



Bro Phil McBride, being congratulated

February 2015 – Out with the old, in with the new!

That time of year again, it seems to come round so quick! Worshipful Brother Martin Farmer hands the reigns over for a second time, but this time it was to install W.Bro. Jason Hengler P. Pr.A.G.Purs. as Worshipful Master in the presence of W.Bro. Howard Griffiths PAGDC.

W.Bro Jason is already a past master and adds Minerva Lodge 4002 to the list of lodges that have enjoyed his Mastership. With increasing numbers at Minerva and joining members on the way, it will be a busy year for our new Worshipful Master.


Our newly installed Master, W.bro Jason Hengler (left) and the installing master W.bro Martin Farmer (right) toasting the camera at the festive board

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March 2015 – A Grand time had by all,,,,

After so many ceremonies of recent years, it was time to present the newly made Master Masons of Minerva Lodge, that were in attendance, with their well earned Grand Lodge Certificates. The Certificates were presented by a special guest to the lodge, a Grand Officer no less! WBro. Roy Pyne PAGDC had the pleasure of presenting and explaining to Bro’s Phil McBride & Joel Martin their certificates.

The Worshipful Master then presented them with a Masonic Bible, a Minerva tradition.

The meeting was finished with a short and interesting lecture on the Third Degree, given by W.Bro Gordon Farmer

April 2015 – Family ties…..

Minerva Lodge was proud to offer Honorary Membership to an old friend of the Lodge, W.Bro Bob Prichard. The Lodge voted unanimously in favour of W.Bro Bob becoming an Honorary member, due to his long standing family ties to us and the most interesting of back stories of his personal connection to Minerva, which can be read here in our October 2007 news section.

Our Congratulations to W.Bro Bob pictured below;

IMG_0002 cropped

W.Bro Bob Prichard raising a glass with his beloved MG


A coming together of 2 lodges from the Liverpool group to put on a social event which forged new friendships and raised monies once again for the charities. Commercial Travellers Lodge and Minerva Lodge joined forces to put on the fun night. With lots of singing, drinking, feasting and of course the ever dreaded ‘ye olde fynes master’, a good night was had by all!

Here are some of the photos from the event;


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Spring 2015 – A sad loss to report….

bill blank

Wbro Bill Blank

The Lodge lost its oldest serving member and Chaplain Wbro Bill Blank during the spring to the Grand Lodge above. Wbro Bill had served Freemasonry for over 50 years and is a great loss to us all and leaves behind his widow Audrey Blank, a great friend to the lodge. Our condolences go to her and all the friends and family of Bill.

Summer 2015 – and the Honours go to…….

Worshipful Brother Roger Kilshaw and Worshipful Brother Justin Lewis were both honoured by Provincial Grand Lodge of West Lancashire. W.Bro Roger Kilshaw was given the rank of Past Provincial Grand Senior Deacon and W.Bro Justin Lewis was given the prestigious acting rank of Provincial Grand Steward. The lodge congratulates Justin and Roger for all their hard work, which has been justly recognised and rewarded by the Province.

October 2015 – Double First Ceremony

After the summer recess it was nice to start the new season with a ceremony, in this case a double first! The ceremony was conducted by the Worshipful Master Jason Hengler and watched over by the director of ceremonies Gordon Farmer. Also attending the ceremony was the Liverpool Group Mentor John Leisk.

The first candidate was Stephen McBride who is real life brother of Lodge member Phil. Phil had joined Minerva a couple of years earlier and during that time had spoken to Stephen about the good things that Freemasonry does and the friendship enjoyed by its members in Minerva Lodge. The second candidate was John Vaughan a good friend of Minerva’s Almoner, Bro Arnie Neale.

The ceremony being a double was interesting for Minerva Lodge members and guests to observe and one that will be remembered for a long time to come.

With the candidates in safe hands the ceremony went well and without any problems. The ceremony was followed by a loud and joyful festive board where all the members were happy to get together after the summer break.

After a tasty three course meal a raffle was held and £80 was collected for local charities. The winner of the raffle was able to take home a nice bottle of whiskey while the second prize, a bottle of spiced rum was recycled for the 9th time and will appear as one of the prizes in next month’s raffle!


Pictured from left to right, are: Bro John Vaughn, WBro Jason Hengler, Bro Steve McBride

Liverpool-Minerva-achieves-a-double-first-Pic-2 (1)

Pictured from left to right, are: WBro Bob Farmer, Bro John Vaughn, WBro Jason Hengler, Bro Stephen McBride and WBro John Leisk.

November 2015 – Time for a talk!

Worshipful Brother Gordon Farmer, Director of Ceremonies, gave a welcoming talk for our new members which included topics such as our lodge history, an explanation of the ceremony, explanations of our attire and Freemasonry in general.


W.Bro Gordon Farmer in action again giving another talk to the lodge.

December 2015 – Double helpings….. again!

On a cold December’s night, our 2 new members decided to take their next step in Freemasonry and, by the end of the night, Minerva Lodge had 2 new Fellowcrafts. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Worshipful Master was delayed, so WBro Martin Farmer, Immediate Past Master, was at hand to stand in and ensure the ceremony went ahead.   WBro Justin Lewis, Senior Warden, gave a marvellous explanation of the working tools. WBro Alan Ritchie was superb as always as Junior Warden and the Deacons, Bros David Luing and Arnie Neale, did  a very good job of managing 2 candidates, which is no easy feat! The ceremony went off without a hitch and the Worshipful Master was just in time to congratulate his 2 new Fellowcrafts.


Pictured from left to right, are: W.Bro Jason Hengler, Bro John Vaughn, , Bro Stephen McBride and W.Bro Martin Farmer.

After a busy night, the attention moved swiftly onto the festive board for a traditional seasonal meal followed by the usual Minerva Lodge festive board fun and banter. A good night had by all!


Seasonal Festive board