2016 News

December 2016 – Boudicca takes the lead on Ladies Night!


The Venue – Boudicca Cruise Ship, River Mersey

Minerva Lodge joined forces with the Twenty 2’s club to hold a Ladies evening on the Fred Olson Cruise Ship Boudicca, which was docked in front of the City’s famous Liver buildings on the River Mersey. Whilst members and their friends, families and even lodge widows partied the night away, they were also helping to raise funds for the local RNLI Charity.






Those that stayed overnight on the ship enjoyed a hearty breakfast at dawn, with the Liver buildings as the backdrop.




A good night was had by all and the Lodge sends a big thank you to all those who attended the event and of course to the RNLI lifeboats and Fred Olson Cruise Liners for their hospitality.

December 2016 – John is made a Master (Finally!)


Bro John Vaughn, Master Mason

Second times a charm it seems as Bro John Vaughn was finally made a Master Mason, following a slight hiccup in October, due to ill health. WBro Justin Lewis, Worshipful Master, gave a confident performance on the night, assisted by WBro Martin Farmer. Although Bro John showed courage to face his third degree, he was assured that he had ‘dodged a bullet’ from being a candidate in the previous meeting, which saw a demonstration of the Scottish way of conducting a third degree!

A joyful and merry festive board was had to celebrate Bro John’s achievement and the Worshipful Master took the opportunity to congratulate him and wished all the brethren, both present and absent,  a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.


November 2016 – The Scots show us how its done!


Brethren of the Lodge of St Enoch No.1288

The Brethren of the Lodge of St Enoch No.1288 made the journey down to Liverpool at light speed for some important business in the South. A welcoming party from Minerva Lodge were at hand to show them around the Masonic Hall in Liverpool, and from there, preparations were made for what turned out to be a superb night for all concerned. Brethren of Minerva lodge and guests took their seats and welcomed the Right Worshipful Master of St Enoch’s Lodge No. 1288, who, accompanied by his team, proceeded to demonstrate the ritual of the third degree, Scottish Style, and what a style!


RWM Albert Laughran & Bro. Steve McBride

Steve McBride from Minerva Lodge was the volunteer to take part in the ceremony and performed his part in the proceedings willingly and with good spirit.


WBro. Justin Lewis & RWM Albert Laughran exchanging gifts

After a superbly performed and informative demonstration by the team from St Enoch Lodge, all were eager to enjoy the festive board. The Worshipful Master of Minerva Lodge WB Justin Lewis gave special thanks to the Worshipful Master of St Enoch Lodge, the RWM Albert Laughran and all those who partook in the demonstration. Both Lodges exchanged gifts, and a special gift was presented to Steve McBride of Minerva Lodge for his part in the demonstration. Not many Freemasons can say that they took part in an English third degree ceremony and a Scottish third degree ceremony!


Brethren of Minerva Lodge & Lodge of St Enoch relaxing & socialising long into the night

October 2016 – Back to work!

The lodge opened back up after the summer recess with a moments silence for our dearly departed WBro Ron Bromley. It was an eventful evening for many reasons and unfortunately we could not complete some of our business due to last minute health complications of one of our members. We wish him well and a speedy recovery.


Summer 2016 – Departed merit – W.Bro. Ron Bromley P.Pr.A.G.D.C.


W.Bro Ron Bromley P.Pr.A.G.D.C.

It was with great sadness to hear news of the loss of a loyal servant to the lodge in the passing of W.Bro Ron Bromley over the Summer break. W.Bro Ron was a quiet and reserved brother, but could always be relied upon to partake and attend in Lodge nights and events, right up until his unfortunate decline in health. Just before becoming ill, Ron attained the rank of Past Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, which he was very proud of, and quite rightly so.

Ron was a good and devoted son, taking care of his mother until she past away herself only a few years ago. A great follower of technology, although maybe not getting to grips with it as much as he would of hoped, he certainly left us with some fond memories. Ron’s funeral was well attended for such a quiet man . He will be sorely missed at Minerva Lodge.

June 2016 – Cycling for Charity…….

13423774_10154106209265498_2661980785136260429_nStarting Line: The Team outside the Liverpool Masonic Hall 

6 Masonic cyclists aged 25 – 72, including our very own Wbro Jason Henglar,  cycled from Liverpool Masonic Hall to Freemasons Hall in London to raise funds for the mammography suite in the New Royal Liverpool University Hospital.


 A stop along the way by the Royal Liverpool University Hospital

An epic journey of 265 miles in just 5 days cycling on hard terrain of mostly Canal footpaths, this truly was a test of spirit and determination.


Wbro Jason Henglar on the towpath to London!

The cycle ride was in memory of Barbara Walls, wife of Wbro Steve Walls, who sadly died after a 2 year battle with breast cancer.

More details of this amazing achievement duly completed for charity can be read here

Further donations for this worthy cause can be made here

The Finish line – The team outside Freemasons Hall London – Well done!


From left to right: Steve Walls, Chris Bruffell, Jason Hengler, Dave Fisher, Stu Hyde and Geoff Cuthill.


April 2016 – Forget me not……


Doreen Jones singing away at a Minerva Ladies Night

Brethren of Minerva Lodge lost a dear friend earlier in the year and sadly for three of our members, she was more than just a friend, she was family. Mrs Doreen Jones was the wife of Wbro Trevor Jones, sister of Wbro Don Chetwynd and Sister-in-Law to Wbro Ted Bickley and sadly passed away earlier this year. The brethren kindly made a charitable donation in the April Meeting to the Alzheimers Society in her name.

The lodge would like to convey their condolences to the family and hope that the happy memories of Doreen continue to enlighten their lives, as she did ours.

L1010835Wbro Trevor Jones and his wife Doreen dancing

April 2016 – All Minerva Rule in Mariners Chapter


Left to Right – M.E. M Farmer, M.E. D Kemp, M.E. W Skinner, M.E. P Connolly, M.E. J Lewis, M.E. B Povall, M.E. R Farmer, M.E. J Hengler

Lodge members have the opportunity to further their masonic interest by joining the Royal Arch. Minerva Lodge have brethren who attend 3 different Royal Arch Chapters and are encouraged to discuss the Royal Arch with other brethren and in particular with our Royal Arch Representative Wbro Jack Poller.

Mariners Chapter No 249 is one of the Chapters our brethren are members of and at their recent installation it was mentioned how rare it was to have all three principals of a Chapter from the same Lodge i.e. Minerva Lodge! This was mentioned by M.E. Peter Connolly, the representative of the Grand Superintendent that evening. The three Principals at Mariners Chapter for this year from Minerva are Wbro Justin Lewis, Wbro Bill Skinner and Wbro Bob Farmer as pictured above.


April 2016 – Steve becomes a Master…..


Bro Steve McBride

…..a Master Mason that is! Steve McBride followed in the foot steps of his real life brother Bro. Phil McBride by being raised to the third degree in an excellent ceremony performed by our Worshipful Master Justin Lewis. Steve was an excellent candidate and his efforts and preparation for the night shone through during the ritual. The traditional history was given by Wbro. Martin Farmer and the Ceremony was overseen by Director of Ceremonies Wbro Gordon Farmer. Minerva is certainly becoming a Lodge of Brothers as we now have 6 sets of actual brothers or brothers-in-law as members of the lodge.


March 2016 – George celebrates 50 years!


Wbro Mark Dimelow (right) Worshipful Master Justin Lewis (Centre) Wbro George Andrews (Right)

50 years in freemasonry that is, and what an amazing feat that is for our very own Worshipful Brother George Andrews P.Pr.G.Supt.ofWks. The celebration was held at Liverpool Masonic Hall in the Roman Suite and was extremely well attended by the lodge and masonic friends of George. The ceremony also had a very special guest,  the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro Mark Dimelow. A very nervous George was taken back through time, as W.Bro Mark Dimelow reminded George of the important historical events both in his personal life and masonic life, whilst also recounting famous events in history during Georges lifetime.

The night had 2 more special guests in the form of Georges sons, both of whom are non masons, but were able to join the festive board and get a flavour of the traditions and brotherhood to which their father had given over 50 years of his life and efforts. It was a very emotional night for George and his sons, and well for everyone for that matter!

Highlights of the festive board were congratulations to George from W.Bro Mark Dimelow, a presentation and dedication from W. Bro Bob Farmer on behalf of the lodge and a most excellent original poem by the Senior Warden Bro. Alan Ritchie. Alan’s poems have become a tradition of recent 50th celebrations and have always been very well received and this one was no exception. Also in attendance for this very special evening was our very own Group Chairman of the Liverpool Group of Lodges, Wbro Bob Povall.

So heres to George, and may he enjoy many more years of freemasonry!


Wbro Mark Dimelow (left) congratulates Wbro George Andrew (right) on 50 years in Freemasonry


Wbro George Andrews, flanked by his proud sons


February 2016 – Times are a changin…..


Worshipful Master Justin E. Lewis

Installation time at Minerva saw W.Bro Jason Hengler install W.Bro Justin Lewis in the Chair of Solomon of Minerva Lodge No. 4002 to become Worshipful Master for the ensuing year. At present, Justin holds an acting rank  of Provincial Grand Steward in the Province of West Lancashire and helped the lodge by taking the chair, whilst our many newer members gain more experience in their respective roles. W.Bro Ian Gee, representative of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of West Lancashire and W. Bro Bob Patterson from the Liverpool Group of Lodges were there on the night to enjoy an excellent installation ceremony overseen by W.Bro Gordon Farmer, Director of Ceremonies.

Moving in to new roles on the night were Bros. Alan Ritchie and David Luing as Senior & Junior Wardens and Bros Arnie Neale and Rob Ward as Senior & Junior Deacons, whilst Andrew Ward took on the role of Inner Guard.

After the ceremony, attentions turned to a most enjoyable and packed festive board, as seems always the case at Minerva nowadays with our ever growing numbers! As can be seen from the photos below, a good time was had by all and we wish our new Worshipful Master and his team all the very best for the ensuing year;


W.Bro Ian Gee Congratulates our new Worshipful Master, with the WM’s old mentor W.Bro Les Moore by his side

(Left to Right: Alan Brough, Ian Gee, Justin Lewis, Les Moore, Alan Ritchie)


The Worshipful Master taking wine with his Director of Ceremonies W.Bro Gordon Farmer celebrating another successful night


Ian Gee having fun at the festive board


All raising a glass to our newly installed Worshipful Master


Lodge members congratulating the new Worshipful Master


The Worshipful Masters turn to join in the fun


W.Bros Bob Patterson and Ian Gee receiving gifts for their other halves from the lodge


Ian Gee enjoying every last minute of his visit to Minerva Lodge as he says goodnight

January 2016 – Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to one and all from Minerva! With membership increasing and more people to organise events, we are looking forward to a busy year ahead and preparing for our new worshipful master in February! an installation not to be missed……